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Transcend 360

Begin your journey with Transcend 360, where each step forward is a leap towards unlocking your true potential, revitalizing your health, and transforming your life.

The Roadmap to Living in Vibrance

Are you ready to embark on a transformative adventure that reshapes not only your health but every facet of your life? We're thrilled to introduce you to Transcend 360, our extraordinary 6-month journey designed to elevate your well being beyond the ordinary.

This isn't just a health program; it's a gateway to a new era of vitality, clarity, and holistic fulfillment. Get ready to transcend the everyday and embrace a life reimagined with Transcend 360, where every step is an exciting leap towards your best self.


Guided by Dr. Leila Doolittle, whose expertise draws from extensive training in Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology, this program is a testament to her dedication and innovation in the field. Dr. Doolittle has developed patented systems for cognitive enhancement and nervous system retraining, reflecting her commitment to pioneering holistic health solutions. Alongside her deep knowledge in Functional Neurology, Dr. Doolittle brings a rich tapestry of understanding from various traditional medicine models, including Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and North American Ancient Medicines. Her extensive certifications in chronic illness and infection, notably in Lyme Disease, Toxic Black Mold, and Microbiome Epigenetic Optimization, underscore her comprehensive approach to health. This diverse expertise forms the foundation of a program uniquely equipped to address cognitive and emotional wellness on multiple levels.

Transcend 360 - A Holistic Transformation

In Transcend 360, you're not merely enrolling in a health program; you're embarking on a comprehensive transformation that touches every facet of your existence. This journey promises more than just relief from physical ailments; it's a pathway to profound personal growth and enrichment.


   Imagine a life where:


  • Mental Clarity Unlocks New Horizons:
    By enhancing brain function and eliminating fog, you'll discover a newfound ability to make decisions with confidence, tackle complex challenges with ease, and harness creativity that propels you both personally and professionally.

  • Emotional Resilience as Your Superpower:
    Transform emotional vulnerabilities into strengths. Gain tools to navigate stress, anxiety, and mood fluctuations with grace, fostering inner peace and a balanced state of mind that enhances your relationships and personal fulfillment.

  • Physical Health Reimagined:
    Witness a revitalization of your physical health as chronic issues fade, replaced by energy, vitality, and a rejuvenated zest for life. This transformation enables you to engage in activities you love, boosting your quality of life exponentially.

  • Social and Spiritual Enrichment:
    Deepen connections with those around you, nurturing relationships that provide support and joy. Simultaneously, explore and strengthen your spiritual path, finding a deeper sense of purpose and connection to the world.

  • Financial Well-being Follows Health:
    As your health improves, so does your productivity and ability to seize opportunities. This program is an investment in your health that pays dividends in increased energy and focus, leading to greater professional success and financial freedom.


Each of these aspects of the Transcend 360 program is not just an addition to your life; they are multiplicators of joy, success, and fulfillment. You're not just investing in a health program; you're investing in a brighter, more prosperous, and fulfilling future. This is your opportunity to reshape your life, embracing a holistic wellness journey that transcends the ordinary and leads you to extraordinary achievements.

Embark on a Journey Tailored for Holistic Transformation


Personalized Functional Neurology Sessions:

Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of Dr. Doolittle's Functional Neurology. Each session is a unique opportunity to address your specific neurological needs, leveraging cutting-edge techniques for brain health. These personalized encounters provide a roadmap to unlocking your brain's full potential, offering solutions to challenges that may have seemed insurmountable.


Integrated Functional Medicine Support:

Go beyond conventional health coaching with our integrated approach. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of your health, where every aspect from emotional balance to physical well-being is addressed. This foundational reframing of your health journey is not just about treating symptoms; it's about understanding and reshaping your health narrative for lasting change with our functional medicine certified health coach, Chris Buchanan. His authentic and genuine support will guide you through each step of your transformative journey, offering personalized insights and strategies that resonate with your unique health story. Chris's approach is rooted in empathy and expertise, ensuring that every aspect of your well-being is nurtured towards lasting, meaningful change.


Holistic Nutritional Plans:

Nourish your brain, body and soul with individualized nutritional strategies specifically designed to complement your neurological health, epigenetic expression and mitochondrial needs. Our holistic nutritional plans are more than just diets; they are a synergy of food as medicine, enhancing cognitive function, boosting energy, and fostering overall physical health.


In-Depth Educational Resources:

Empower your health journey with our extensive library of educational materials. From insightful guides to informative videos, these resources are designed to enhance your understanding of health and wellness, providing you with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about your well-being.


Community and Support:

Join the Resonance Wellness Functional Forum Community, a vibrant network of individuals on similar paths to health and happiness. This community offers camaraderie, connection, and accountability, enriching your journey with shared experiences and support. Engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights from others' journeys, and discover the incredible power of collective wellness.


Each element of Transcend 360 is meticulously crafted to ensure a comprehensive, enriching experience. By investing in this program, you're not just addressing individual health concerns; you're embracing a lifestyle of holistic well-being, equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support to lead a life of optimal health and happiness.



Transform Your Health and Life

Transcend 360 is more than a health program; it’s a journey towards achieving your highest potential in mental clarity, emotional stability and resilience, and overall well-being. With the inclusion of Dr. Doolittle's exclusive protocols, you're not just addressing symptoms; you're transforming your health in every layer of your health pillars - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially.

Your Investment in a Brighter Future

Embrace this moment as your turning point. Transcend 360 is more than a health program; it's a pledge to yourself, a commitment to transform and excel in every sphere of your life. This is your opportunity to invest in a future where health and abundance walk hand in hand, guiding you towards a life of unparalleled fulfillment.


The journey to a holistic transformation begins with a single step. Join Transcend 360 today and unlock a future brimming with health, clarity, and boundless possibilities. Your path to a revitalized you awaits!

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