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Chris Buchanan

Meet Chris Buchanan, FMCHC our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at Resonance Wellness, whose unique journey from aerospace engineering to holistic health coaching defines his innovative approach to wellness. Chris's transition from a scientific career in aerospace engineering to functional health coaching was fueled by his personal health challenges and a deep desire to understand the mechanistic workings of our inner and outer worlds.

As a certified health coach from the Institute of Functional Medicine, Chris expertly blends his analytical skills with a holistic understanding of health and wellness. His scientific background provides a unique perspective, allowing him to approach health coaching with an analytical eye and a compassionate heart. Chris’s approach to health and wellness is deeply rooted in mindfulness, healthy habits, and lifestyle choices, providing his clients with tailored techniques and protocols that resonate with their unique needs.


Healing with Chris Buchanan

Embrace Authentic Power in Your Healing Journey

Chris's mission is to empower his clients to build a strong foundation for optimal health and wellness. Through his guidance, clients learn to thrive in every aspect of their health, embracing a life of intention and purpose. His coaching style is not just about addressing health concerns; it's about inspiring a transformative journey towards a balanced and fulfilling life.

With his profound insight into the science of health and his empathetic approach to coaching, Chris Buchanan is an invaluable asset to Resonance Wellness. He is committed to helping clients navigate their health journeys, empowering them to achieve a state of optimal health and wellness that they might have once thought unattainable.

"Chris Buchanan has a rare gift: he turns complex health concepts into relatable analogies with a touch of humor, lighting up our journey to wellness. His words aren't just explanations; they are sparks of insight, guiding us to discover our authentic selves. With Chris, every health challenge becomes an opportunity to unearth our inner strength, as he masterfully blends laughter with learning. In his presence, we don’t just find health; we find joy and the true resilience that lies within us all."

- Dr. Leila Doolittle
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