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Mortar and Pestle with herbs

Revealing True Health


Our mission is deeply rooted in the passion we feel for healing, which enables a true connective experience for each individual we work with. We strive to provide a safe, supportive, and expansive sanctuary that helps our clients feel heard, understood, and valued while receiving treatment that best suits their needs. The Resonance Wellness Collective is founded upon Love and Truth, teaching the community about universal health principles to connect all through lives enriched by health, energy, balance, abundant well-being, and fulfilling vitality.

Vibrant Health 


Welcome to Resonance Wellness! I'm Dr. Leila Doolittle and it is my privilege and honor to guide you on a transformative journey toward achieving optimal health and vitality.

At Resonance Wellness, we understand that healing is a deeply personal journey, touching every aspect of your being. With a blend of cutting-edge science, timeless healing wisdom, and tailored care, we're dedicated to nurturing your whole self. Our mission is to guide every individual we meet towards a life filled with love, light, and profound wellness, speaking directly to the soul's longing for true health and inner peace.

Welcome to True Health. Welcome to Resonance Wellness.


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