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Radiant Renewal

A comprehensive course that provides the exact guidance you’ve been seeking for renewed energy, clear skin, healthy digestion, and a peacefully balanced system.

During the Radiant Renewal course we will cover...


Presented by Dr. Leila Doolittle
Founder & CEO of Resonance Wellness

Dr. Leila Doolittle is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a specialty in Functional Medicine & Integrative Neurology. She has a passion for helping her patients achieve optimal health and well-being through the root cause of all symptoms.


With over 10 years of experience in the field, Dr. Doolittle has developed a unique approach to healthcare that combines traditional healthcare with a holistic, functional approach.

She is committed to helping her patients achieve True Health through a combination of functional medicine & nutrition, lifestyle changes, and spiritual alignment. She works closely with her patients to develop a personalized wellness journey that allows each patient to explore and embody their soul's purpose and radiate love and light.

What's Included?


3 live, virtual workshops & 1 follow-up Q&A session led by Dr. Leila Doolittle in a supportive online community.


A holistic health assessment, hormone balancing recipe book, and other supporting resources.


Lifetime access to the online course including videos & resources associated with each workshop.


10% off Dr. Leila Doolittle's proprietary beauty supplement protocol and all

in-clinic slimming therapy packages.


The Resonance Wellness curated skin care kit with complementary skin care guide and recommendations.

Course Value

Self-Care Investment: $940

Value of Solutions Included:

  • Holistic Health Assessment - $20 value

  • Hormone Balancing Recipe Book - $20 value

  • Resonance Curated Skin Care Kit - $140 value

  • Radiant Renewal Program - $760 value

*Contact Resonance Wellness for information regarding payment options.

This Course Will Cover

  • Thyroid Reset and Hormone Balancing

  • Longevity Skin Renewal Protocols

  • Weight Loss Resistance

  • Holistic Beauty Nutritional Protocol

  • Nourishing your hair, skin & nails

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"I finally have answers. I'm finally well." - Sarah
"Dr. Leila Doolittle saved my life." - Kathleen

Renew Your Radiance

And achieve beauty from the inside, out.

Checkout will reserve your spot in the Radiant Renewal Course.

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