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Join us for a 1 hour workshop about vibrational sound therapy and optimizing the spirit gene.


Monday, February 26th, 7 PM CST

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BioHarmonic Vibrational Sound Therapy combines musical sound frequencies with the sound's vibration experienced through a full-body foam bed to induce a state of deep relaxation and meditation.


These musical frequencies are soundtracks developed for physical, emotional, and energetic healing for all systems of the body. Listened to through noise-canceling headphones, these frequencies create vibration that resonates throughout the foam bed, creating an immersive experience which puts the body into parasympathetic mode for slowed brain waves and ultimate healing.


Choose your soundtrack, enjoy Red Light Laser therapy while you vibe, meditate and rest, and prepare to completely reset and regenerate through this incredible journey.


Healing Benefits: Detoxification physically and emotionally, stimulating immune and lymphatic system, clearing old energies to revitalize healing life-force, manifestation, rewiring neural pathways, profound spiritual experiences, enhancing intuition, regenerating organs, bone, and muscle, and more.

Dark Ocean

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