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Rayne Davidson

Rayne is a vital member of our team at Resonance Wellness, bringing a unique blend of technology and holistic healing to our practice. As a Certified Biofeedback Technician and Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, she delves deep into the subatomic realms of health, offering our patients a path to profound healing and transformation.

With a deep-seated passion for helping others, Rayne utilizes her extensive knowledge in advanced technological therapies to upgrade both the structural and energetic makeup of the body and mind. She recognizes that many health conditions and symptoms stem from bioenergetic imbalances. By analyzing and interpreting bioelectrical and bioenergetic data, Rayne tailors her approach to each patient's unique needs, offering a highly personalized and effective healing experience.

Healing with Rayne Davidson

Discover Wellness Redefined

Rayne's work in bioenergetic therapy is not just about restoring balance; it's about creating synergy within the body's systems, fostering an environment where each cell, each organ, and each system operates in harmonious resonance. This approach ensures that healing is comprehensive and deeply rooted, addressing concerns at the most fundamental levels.


Rayne's expertise in Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy allows her to guide patients beyond physical health, tapping into the spiritual and emotional dimensions of well-being. She empowers her clients to align with their spiritual mindset and achieve their ultimate health goals. Her sessions are transformative, bridging the gap between body and spirit, and leading clients to a state of holistic health that transcends conventional treatment modalities.

At Resonance Wellness, Rayne is more than a technician and therapist; she is a healer who combines the precision of technology with the intuition of holistic therapy. Her commitment to individualized care and her ability to facilitate deep, lasting healing make her an invaluable asset to our team and a beacon of hope for our patients.

"Rayne’s healing transcends the physical realm, reaching into the depths of the subatomic world to heal and harmonize.  With her experienced guidance, advanced technology becomes an extension of the healing spirit, revealing the unseen energies that shape our well-being.  With each therapy session, she weaves a tapestry of balance and renewal, guiding souls to a place where health is not just restored but reborn.  In Rayne’s care, practice members don’t just recover; they awaken to a new vibrancy, a profound alignment of body, mind, and spirit."

Dr. Leila Doolittle
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