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We're Practicing Better

At Resonance Wellness, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance your health journey and ensure that each interaction with our clinic is smooth, informative, and tailored to your needs. We are excited to announce that starting May 15th, we will transition our scheduling, client communications, and appointment booking systems from Jane to Practice Better. This change is designed to streamline our operations and improve our service delivery, ultimately providing you with an even better wellness experience.

Why Practice Better?

Enhanced Communication Capabilities:

Practice Better facilitates easier communication between you and our wellness team. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows for more dynamic interactions, ensuring that your questions, updates, and feedback are addressed promptly and effectively.

Advanced Notes Tracking and Capability:

Keeping detailed and accurate notes is crucial for personalized care. Practice Better offers robust notes tracking capabilities, which means every detail of your health history and treatment plans is meticulously recorded and easily accessible during consultations. This ensures continuity and precision in managing your health.

Integrated Systems: 

We understand the importance of seamless integration in today’s digital world. Practice Better links effortlessly with other systems we use, such as Fullscript for supplement prescriptions and Wix for our website management. This connectivity allows for a smoother, more cohesive user experience.

Efficient Tracking of Protocols:

Tracking treatment protocols effectively is key to monitoring progress and adjusting care plans. Practice Better provides sophisticated tools for tracking health protocols, which enhances our ability to manage and adapt your personalized care plan.

Organizational Ease:  

With its superior organizational tools, Practice Better helps us manage schedules, appointments, and client information with greater efficiency. This means less time spent on administrative tasks and more time dedicated to you—our valued patient.

Additional Benefits

  • Increased security measures ensure that your sensitive health information is protected.

  • Mobile accessibility allows both you and our practitioners to access information, communicate, and manage appointments conveniently from anywhere.

  • Automated reminders reduce missed appointments and help keep your health journey on track.

How this Benefits You

This transition to Practice Better is more than just a change of systems—it’s a part of our commitment to providing you with exceptional care. Here’s how it will enhance your experience at Resonance Wellness:

  • Quicker access to information means less waiting time for you and more immediate responses to your inquiries.

  • Enhanced personalization of care as a result of better tracking and recording capabilities.

  • Streamlined processes reduce the hassle for you, making it easier to book appointments, check your health protocols, and communicate with our team.

Important Transition Information

Please mark your calendar for May 15th, the official date of our transition to Practice Better. You will receive an email from Practice Better on this day with instructions on how to set up your account. Setting up your account is simple and will ensure that you can continue to manage your appointments and communications without interruption.


Q: Will I need to re-enter my personal information?

A: No, all your existing information will be securely transferred to Practice Better. You will simply need to activate your account through the email link you receive.

Q: What if I need assistance with the new system?

A: Practice Better is user-friendly, but should you need any assistance, our staff is here to help. You can also access a range of helpful tutorials directly through the Practice Better platform.

Q: How secure is Practice Better?

A: Practice Better is committed to high security standards, including encryption and compliance with privacy regulations, to keep your personal health information secure. If you have any further questions, check out the below tutorial videos from Practice Better, or give us a call! Client Portal 101:  Messaging Dr. Leila Doolittle:

We are here to support you through this transition and beyond. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Resonance Wellness, we are excited about this new chapter and how it will help us continue to provide you with the best possible care in your journey to optimal health.

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Very high-tech , and top-of-the-line, priceless to have!! Absolutely love it…



Looks like cool technology for health info.



Thanks for the update. Looking forward to learning more.



Excited for this transition!

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