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Detoxification and Regenerative Therapy for Whole-Body Wellness: Our Functional Medicine Approach

Featured Therapies

Lymphatic Circuit Therapy

Leading Detoxification Therapy

Lymphatic Circuit Therapy focuses on the body's lymphatic system, an intricate network of detoxification pathways and nodes spanning throughout the body. 

This therapeutic approach utilizes a Chi machine to activate the body's life force, balance spinal alignment, and begin lymphatically pumping toxins through the body.


Following is a full-body percussion massage using an Erchonia oscillation tool, which enhances the mobility of the lymph throughout the body and releases toxins from the fascia.


The session finishes up with an IonCleanse detox foot bath that effectively draws out toxins from the body, utilizing the impressive AMD machine. This machine produces an electrophysiological energetic charge that works in synergy with the positively and negatively charged ions present in our body to neutralize toxic cells and drain them into the foot bath water. 


The end result will explain what toxins are present within your body while we interpret the colors and consistency of the water!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a nurturing place for our clients to feel seen, heard, understood, and valued. Tranquility awaits through the doors of our Functional Medicine clinic. 

The Resonance Wellness team strives to create a safe, healing space for all clients and guests. The haven for restoration includes friendly, compassionate interaction, plant-life, natural lighting, and serene Feng-shui for pleasant atmosphere. We to share our space through Functional Medicine services to offer a wonderfully therapeutic environment and experience. 

We offer holistic therapies, natural supplements and health products, and full Functional Medicine healthcare to committed entrepreneurs and their families. 

Join us to begin your healing journey...

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Ear Lymphatic Therapy

Glymphatic & Sinus Relief Treatment

Earwax serves as the primary defense mechanism against foreign invaders in the ear. As time passes, earwax builds up while diligently performing its role. It's crucial to remove this residue to ensure ongoing protection for the middle ear.


Adjacent to the earwax, the ear is situated close to significant lymph nodes that gradually become congested, impeding their ability to flush out the accumulation of biotoxins. This sequence of therapies supports the inner ear, eustachian tubes, and sinuses in maintaining a healthy state of equilibrium.


The therapy begins with ear candling, where we use 1 high-quality candle per ear to pull out ear wax. During the candling, a Lymphatic vibration wand is gently massaged under the ear lymph nodes for optimal drainage of inflammation and toxic build-up.


After the candling, a manual cranial massage is performed along with our sinus drainage technique of Gua sha therapy and sinus cavity tapping.


To end the therapy, Ozone is used through ear and nasal insufflation to rid the glymphatic system and sinuses of toxins, viruses, bacteria and fungus.


This therapy leaves clients feeling fully rejuvenated in the brain and ear Glymphatic system. By clearing the ears and sinuses, one can expect to feel less swollen and puffy, clearer in their ears and sinuses, improved hearing, and overall decreased inflammation.


Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is the use of a unique gas called Ozone, composed of three oxygen molecules, through insufflation of the ears and nasal passages.


The gas has the ability to counteract negatively charged foreign entities, encompassing bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi, viruses, parasites, and more.


Through an oxygen tank and specialized ozone generator by Simply O3, we purposefully prepare this therapeutic gas in precise doses based on the intensive care needed. 


The application of this gas can alleviate a range of symptoms at a cellular level such as sinus issues and infections, brain fog, ear infections and aches, headaches, and chronic ailments induced by toxins.


Slimming Therapy

Slimming Therapy, also known as Cavitation, involves the use of a non-invasive cavitation ultrasound machine through a state-of-the-art procedure that harnesses advanced ultrasound technology for ultimate weight loss and detoxification.


Through the power of radiofrequency waves, it effectively targets and eradicates adipose (fat) cells while concurrently tightening the skin, resulting in a reduction of cellulite.

For optimal results, we advise considering a package of appointments, a strategy designed to yield maximum benefits.

Other Services


Health Coaching

Chris Buchanan

With a dedicated focus on your physical, mental, and psychological well-being, our experienced Functional Health Coach Chris Buchanan helps you uncover the deeper connections between your mind and body.


Chris works with his clients to address any and all aspect of health. This includes physical movement such as workouts and stretching, the practice of mindfulness and meditation, breathwork and journaling, healthy self-care habits, diet and nutritional guidance, and more. By integrating many essential elements into sessions, he creates a natural approach to health that truly sets his coaching apart.


Together, he works with you to address physical health concerns and empower you to overcome mental obstacles, stressors, and emotional triggers so that your mental and emotional health are given the attention they deserve as well. 

Savi's Headshot_edited.jpg

Reiki & Energetic Healing
Savi Davidson

At the heart of Reiki Energy Healing sessions with our certified Reiki Practitioner, Savi Davidson, is a safe, empathetic space for releasing and receiving. 

Within the foundation of Reiki lies the profound belief that healing begins within, and that we are all interconnected by the universal life force energy. Savi provides a direct connective channel for this life-force to flow into her clients. This method goes beyond the conventional emotional healing through a dynamic journey--a sacred dance between you and the universe's healing energy.

In Savi's healing sessions, she holds space for her clients to harness the power of intention, loving touch, and energy channeling to facilitate a transformative experience. Imagine a gentle, yet potent, flow of light energy washing over you, aligning your chakras, removing energetic and emotional blockages and trauma, and clearing the path for your body's innate healing abilities to flourish.

Rayne Davidson Headshot_edited.jpg

Quantum Biofeedback & Hypnotherapy
Rayne Davidson

Welcome to a quantum leap in healing - Rayne's Quantum Biofeedback Therapy.

Imagine a session where you and Rayne's advanced technology engage in a conversation with your body's quantum intelligence. This conversation extends beyond mere symptoms, as you and the Therapist explore the quantum vibrational signatures of your cells, organs, and emotions.

Rayne's healing through Quantum Biofeedback Therapy is rooted in the fact that your body is a dynamic quantum ecosystem, constantly interacting with the universe's energy fields. By harmonizing and optimizing these energy flows, Rayne can help you achieve a state of balance and vitality.

Rayne also offers Rapid Transformational Technique (RTT) for clients who need to release trauma and harmful mindsets/patterns and retrain the mind and body to reside in a state of peace and regeneration.

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