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Quantum Biofeedback Therapy - A Brain & Body Entrainment

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Quantum Biofeedback is an electrophysiological process of naturally restoring the body back to its most perfect state of function through specific programming of frequencies. By training the brain and body to reset and restore, disease and dysfunction dissipate.

What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a uniquely designed software developed by mastermind professor William Nelson which utilizes physiological frequencies to read a person's bodily imbalances or dysfunction. When technology significantly leaped in development after he created the basis of the program, specific coding for 12,000 signatures of the body were crafted and programmed into high-tech, quality computers, which use electrical wires and an evolved biofeedback machine to set up for the session. Ultimately, the device measures the electrodermal responses in the body from electrical signals sent through electrodermal sensors.

This process begins with the program initially using 12,000 mapped signatures, or frequencies, which run through the body 3 times in a complex 'test matrix' analysis. Certain frequencies are tuned in to specific systems of the body, which are also made of frequencies. When a frequency pops up at least 3 times in the window of the computer program, this means the frequency needs 'tuning' to remind the body of its optimal function for the system that it's correlated with. The machine then produces the exact frequency needed (which holds information for the cells to be reprogrammed) that run through the wires, which are gently set up on the client's ankles and wrists.

This all occurs during a Diagnostic Test, which is the initial step for all Biofeedback sessions, and gives the Biofeedback Technician (For Resonance Wellness clinic - Rayne Davidson, CBT) a better snapshot for understanding what problems or dysfunction the body is currently dealing with. The test matrix, which is the process of reading the electrophysiological reactions in the body's physical and energetic fields, produces a comprehensive report for both the client and the practitioner. A general overview of what the body needs help with is reported with these diagnostics. The practitioner report is the version that can then be interpreted by a Functional Medicine doctor (Dr. Leila Doolittle with Resonance Wellness).

How does Quantum Biofeedback Work?

The program can read cellular information with the initial scanning, then use specific coding to re-wire the brain and body back to its optimal frequency. Essentially, a diagnostic test is run and then in the same session the program can correct and support the body as needed based on the test. This includes reading the body's energetic signatures for it to be able to pinpoint any 'disease'; including information about potential viruses, fungal and yeast infections, bacteria and microflora imbalances, enzymes, hormonal levels, toxicity, respiratory and circulatory systems, the nervous system, organ function, gut health, major and minor injuries or TBIs, and much more.

The therapy is foundational for brain and body entrainment.

The frequencies works through all of the different aspects of health: mental, emotional, physical, and energetic. Emotional and spiritual trauma is often correlated with physical symptoms and disease, so the release of this can be an energetic detox to allow all bodily fields to relax and reset--basically giving yourself some nice R&R!

Therapeutic support is also offered through the opening of meridians, balancing chakras, clearing the energetic field and the aura, electro-acupuncture, and extensive, high-quality rife frequency treatment.

Trivector therapies are programmed into the biofeedback system as well. Trivector means taking a look at neurological health, adrenal functioning, PH levels, oxygenation, hydration levels, cellular nutrient/mineral absorption, hormonal function, and overall state of healing.

Rayne Davidson, the highly qualified technician therapist for the Quantum Biofeedback who currently practices at Resonance Wellness clinic, has attended over 500+ hours of classes and seminars to be trained in this revolutionary supportive technology. She describes the process "as doing research about the body in order to get clues as to what to develop in the overall personalized health plan." After analyzing all potential root causes of symptoms and injury, she can then use the program to start giving the body "frequency cocktails" that remind it of its innately perfect state--so it can go back to that level through rectification.

This biofeedback is known as the ultimate "brain-hack" because it is natural yet effective brain entrainment: reprogramming and resetting to adhere to a more perfect neurological model. With the basic stress-reduction from the frequencies, the brain and body are able to eliminate pressure, anxiety, depression, and overall stress to reset out of 'fight or flight' and back into parasympathetic mode.

What is accommodation through Quantum?

Not only can Quantum Biofeedback be done in person, but it can also be activated remotely. This is why the Biofeedback entrainment is "Quantum". The program works through the quantum field and can connect to any client no matter where they are in the physical atmosphere. Once a client's basic information such as their full name and date of birth are entered into the system, the quantum aspect can essentially dial into their energetic field and quantumly connect to begin the rectification process.

The foundational element of the 'quantum' field is that we are all connected in this world; there is no separation. Because of this, healing is available from anywhere at anytime. Optimal health is right around the corner.

Biofeedback can work both remotely and in-person, both types of connection are very accurate and effective. Clients report significant improvement in both physical and mental health after just the first session. All sessions after are recommended to be at least monthly and ongoing until reaching an optimal state of well-being. Appointments are 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes depending on the depth of desired care.

Why should I invest in this type of therapy?

The Biofeedback Diagnostic test that is run on the body before every session gives an overview of health. A comprehensive analysis report is generated for both the client and the practitioner at the end of the appointment to give more understanding into what the program found and what it worked on supporting. This saves significant money on lab work and multiple time-consuming blood work, urinary and stool testing, and other tests run through lab companies that normally take weeks to give results, just for the information to be interpreted by a doctor to understand it.

The diagnostic testing addresses the root cause of disease and lists all potentials. Once the report is given, a practitioner--Dr. Leila Doolittle--can interpret the report to the client and any family in order to develop a wonderfully individualized healthcare plan; i.e. recommending further biofeedback sessions, supplements and/or therapies offered in clinic or referrals, and overall protocol to address the underlying dysfunction and treat active symptoms. The supportive treatment is effective, efficient and ultimately relaxing.

Along with the diagnostics, throughout the entire session, the technician running the software is choosing specific programs to support the body's innate healing abilities depending on what the client needs.

More about Rayne Davidson, Certified Biofeedback Technician

What better way to understand than to experience first-hand?

Let's give some insight into the origin of Ms. Rayne Davidson's Quantum Biofeedback journey. She, like many of her patients, went through the difficult trials of health concerns, and this inspired her to go into a field of holistic healing to help others struggling to find the answers to unlock the keys to optimal health.

Rayne's story began in 2010. She hit a wall with her health when she began experiencing chronic fatigue, severe sinus infections and seasonal allergies that persisted WAY past the season. This all occurred with no explanation; for she had laid the foundation for a healthy lifestyle years prior. Rayne's diet was healthy with the elimination of processed foods, sugar, food coloring and/or other artificial add-ins, and the add-IN of completely organic, homegrown vegetables straight from her backyard garden. With this was consistent exercise, limited toxic exposure, and overall happiness with her life. She kept on the path of natural living until the symptoms because disease; her liver started failing to the point where her primary care physician told her she needed a liver transplant.

Though Rayne was happy, she was also very stressed because of her multiple jobs, two kids, and rapidly declining health. Desperate for answers, she began researching about holistic options for treatment and therapy rather than following the traditional, allopathic medicine route. She came across Quantum Biofeedback, and was intrigued. During and after the initial appointment--her first ever session--Rayne's breathing improved, her swollen face began de-puffing, she felt less pressure in her skull and sinuses, and her allergies stopped... completely. Her OTC, allopathic medication, and a whole array of doctors couldn't give her the relief she experienced after this one session. From Lyme disease (end stages in which her body was actively dying) to COVID, to liver failure, then to buying her own equipment to save her life, Rayne Davidson was able to regenerate her failing organs through Quantum Biofeedback.

Believing in the body's ability to heal, she vowed to change her mindset, change her life, and go into the specific field of energetic electrophysiological therapy.

12 years: This is the amount of time it took to get to the breaking point with Rayne's health. A life-changing sickness resulted in a life-changing career change in which she was destined and determined to help others under similar circumstances. At first, the research about the Biofeedback program for her own health turned to general education, and then she committed significant time as well as invested financially because of her inspiration for helping others and her natural gift for healing others. The fit for her to begin working with Resonance Wellness was perfect. Now she visits the clinic often to see clients from all over the country and help them along their personal healing journeys.

Biofeedback is powerful, effective, and most importantly, all-natural! Rayne Davidson is an amazing therapist and healer with extensive knowledge about the program and a holistic background in Massage therapy, QHHT, RTT, and other healing modalities.

Overall, Quantum Biofeedback is supporting the body's natural healing process through brain and body entrainment. Quantum therapy is a tool to remind clients of their perfect, vibrant version of themselves and encourage them on their path to ultimate health.

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