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What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

The Support and Accountability You Never Knew You Needed

Do you find yourself struggling to stay consistent with the protocols, exercises, supplements, actions, or dedication you recently received from your practitioner or other well-intentioned source? You pay top dollar to consult with a true expert in the field of medicine, nutrition, stress management, or exercise all to lose steam several days or weeks later. Maybe you hit a snag, or something distracting came up at home, work, or just LIFE. All too often do patients fall short of their self-agreed upon goals to achieve health and wellness due to a simple lack of support and accountability.

Luckily, an emerging industry has set out to provide the missing key to staying on course and unlocking your full health and wellness potential. This service, comprised of one-on-one or group sessions, restores the human element of goal setting and sustainable lifestyle change to the overwhelming world of holistic healthcare. Not only do the sessions provide the opportunity to add an advocate to your personal team, but the consistent and frequent meetings mean that waiting WEEKS or MONTHS before speaking to your practitioner/specialist about concerns or accomplishments are a thing of the past.

It's a Way to Get UNSTUCK

Health coaching is a relationship where you feel safe and supported. It’s a process that can help you discover your true goals and how they would affect your life if they became realized. It’s consistent discussions on what motivators and character strengths YOU exhibit to help you along the way.

-It’s a way to get UNSTUCK

-It’s a process to reach NEW LEVELS

-It’s a method to be held ACCOUNTABLE.

A health coach can provide information and tools that give you the edge on breaking through existing hurdles and re-strategizing after slip-ups. A health coach is an advocate for your journey - a guide up the mountain you want to climb.

Ultimately, a health coach has clients and not “patients”. It’s a joint venture. This reflects the philosophy and scope of practice for health coaches, which is one of partnership and support rather than an expert and prescriptive approach. There will be no diagnosing, and no explicit prescribing. It is a safe space to feel heard and collaborate on how your health, wellness, and life can continue to reach new levels.

Invest in Yourself

Health coaching is about investing in yourself. It’s about taking time out of our busy lives to refocus and collaborate on goals that are important to you. It’s all for you. You are worth it.

If you resonated with anything outlined above or want to hear how this type of support could specifically benefit you and your current circumstance, book a complimentary discovery call with our health coach below. The discovery call is a 10 minute, no strings attached, consultation with your health coach for you to hear more about the process and what to expect if you choose to take action and commit.

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