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Welcome to Transcend 360:
The Program for Ultimate Health

Unlock a future of lifelong with health, clarity, and limitless possibilities.

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A Comprehensive Transformation for Every Facet of Life

Transcend 360 promises more than relief from physical ailments; it's a pathway to profound personal growth and enrichment. Your journey with us includes:

Mental Clarity and Cognitive Enhancement: Enhance brain function, eliminate fog, and unlock new levels of creativity and decision-making power.

Physical Health and Vitality: Experience a revitalization of your physical health, leading to increased energy and a zest for life.

Holistic Beauty and Weight Management: Discover beauty and weight management secrets that align with holistic wellness principles, promoting natural, sustainable results.

Emotional Resilience Mastery: Gain tools to navigate stress, maintain energy levels, and foster a balanced state of mind and enhanced relationships.

Social and Spiritual Enrichment: Deepen connections and find a deeper sense of purpose, enriching your life in every aspect.

Financial Health and Abundance: Learn how investing in your health can lead to increased productivity and financial well-being, turning wellness into a cornerstone of personal abundance.


Under the Expert Guidance of Dr. Leila Doolittle

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Led by Dr. Leila Doolittle, an expert in Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology, Transcend 360 integrates the best of both worlds to offer you a unique health transformation and virtually guided experience.

Dr. Doolittle’s extensive training in various traditional medicine models, combined with her expertise in addressing complex chronic illnesses, forms a robust foundation for this program. From cognitive enhancement to emotional wellness, Transcend 360 addresses multiple levels of your well-being.

Embark on a Transformative Health Odyssey

Transcend 360 is not just a health program; it's a gateway to a new era of vitality, clarity, and holistic fulfillment. It's an opportunity to learn, be empowered, and transcend the everyday struggles to embrace a healthy life reimagined, where each step you take is an exciting leap towards realizing your best self.


Tailored Wellness Experiences

Transcend 360 is tailored to your unique needs, offering:


Personalized Functional Neurology Sessions:

Direct access to Dr. Doolittle's innovative techniques for enhancing brain health.


Group Zoom Calls with Dr. Doolittle:

Engage in enriching group discussions, gaining insights and support from peers and Dr. Doolittle herself.


Holistic Nutritional Plans:

Customized nutritional strategies to nourish your body and brain, enhancing cognitive function and overall health.


Educational Resources

Access to an extensive library of health and wellness materials, empowering you to make informed decisions about your well-being


Supportive Community

Engage in enriching group discussions, gaining insights and support from peers and Dr. Doolittle herself.

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