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Functional Weight Loss

"It is not just about the aesthetic benefits - Functional Weight loss has many far-reaching benefits to every organ system in the body. We know that adipose tissue harbors toxins and prevents your body from clearing harmful toxic metabolites. When visceral fat surrounds organs, it can create systemic dysfunction.
A slowed metabolism and resultant weight gain is a symptom that the body is asking for help for an underlying disorder. We must uncover the root cause and resolve this for overall optimal health. This is the goal of Functional Weight Loss.

~ Dr. Leila Doolittle

Your body is capable of achieving all the results you desire.

Excess weight gain is controlled by a multitude of factors such as epigenetic expression, hormones dysregulation, neurotransmitter imbalances, environmental toxins, and genetically modified foods that are low in nutritive value and filled with fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives or additives. Weight loss is achieved by counterbalancing each of these areas of functional deficits.


Many patients experience a yo-yo effect of regaining weight back after they go off their diet plan. Maintenance of weight loss are aspects that are voluntarily chosen, such as genetics, hormonal changes from the initial weight loss, adaptive thermogenesis, detoxification abilities, and neural factors.

How soon can I see changes in my body's physique?

You will begin to notice changes in your body soon after beginning Dr. Doolittle's personalized weight loss plan. Many patients report that they experience 5 pounds of weight loss within the first week. It is not unusual for patients to have incredible results of 20-30 pounds within the first month of weight loss (also dependent on how much weight they have to lose in the first place). They continue rapidly shedding pounds as long as they stay on the personalized program.

One of the ways Dr. Doolittle gets such amazing results in helping her patients achieve their weight loss goals and KEEP THEIR WEIGHT OFF is because she does a specific detox program at the same time with her patients. This includes highly detoxifying food recommendations as well as therapies and treatments that optimize the lymphatic system function to help remove the toxins released from the adipose (fat) cells so they will not be stored, creating a perpetual weight loss followed by gaining the weight back as soon as the patient goes off the clean food plan regime. Additionally, Dr. Doolittle has equipment that she uses on her patients that help to lyse (break open) fat cells, releasing the oil contents into the surrounding tissue then uses a type of cupping and vacuuming method to pull the oil to the lymphatic vessels to be carried out of the body. Many patients report that they notice rapid results with this therapy. Following this therapy, we use a series of various treatments to stimulate the lymphatic system followed by an electrophysiological therapy that polarizes the toxins and optimizes the detoxification from the body. In this way, we are able to acheive weight loss results that are lasting.

Why is it hard to maintain weight loss?

How do I tighten my loose skin after I lose weight?

Many patient struggle with this side effect of weight loss. Their skin has been stretched in several areas to make space for the fat and when they begin to lose it, the skin sags and stays stretched out. The great thing is that Dr. Doolittle has specialized equipment that targets skin tightening and healthy collagen elasticity. Patients notice changes and tightening in their skin as soon as the first or second visits. They request locations for skin tightening such as around the abdomen, on the thighs to reduce and erase cellulite, on the back of the arms to tighten and tone, around the face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and other areas of stretched skin tissue.

How is a personalized weight loss program created?

You are unique as an individual. Everything from your genetics to your environment to your preferred foods and eating habits make you unique. Your hormones, your neurotransmitters, your detoxification pathways, etc. all play roles in how you, individually burn or store fat. We must take into account all of these factors and finds strategic solutions for each and every one to ensure that you are able to achieve your weight loss goals of physique, body size, shape, and strength. Dr. Doolittle will take into account all of these layers of what makes you unique as an individual and will create a specific personalized weight loss program that allows you to eat plenty of healthy, delicious meals that are not depriving like other fad diets. This is why patients trust Dr. Doolittle with their weight loss care over other weight loss programs, because she is a one stop shop that can help patients rapidly lose the weight, detox out the toxins that were in the fat cells to prevent regaining the weight back, tightens and tones skin to prevent loose and sagging skin that was stretched from the excess weight, and helps patients understand about their particular genetics and what practices they should adopt into their lifestyle to prevent weight gain in the future.

D. Adriana

I had been having weight management issues for over 5 years and last year contacted Dr. Leila Doolittle for a whole of body, Functional approach to my health issues. I had tried EVERYTHING from diet fads to extreme workouts, to eating much less. Nothing was working. It's been a journey of over 10 months of following her specific treatment plan, diet and exercises specifically tailored to my height, weight and genetics. The results have been incredible. Not only do I have higher energy levels than ever, the noticeable change in my face, body and strength is truly a testament to her craft. I have been successfully able to lose weight, keep it off and achieving new levels of energy and vitality I never thought possible! I've lost 67.3 LBS under her care (yes I weighed myself before and after months of her plan) and not just that.. I'm STRONGER than ever, my workouts are more explosive now thanks to her Chiropractic adjustments as well. (YES SHE EVEN DOES THAT) Dr. Leila Doolittle didn't stop her educating herself with her Doctorate degree - she took it a step further with additional certifications including Functional Medicine and is continuously doing research on the latest science. Since the first time I visited her clinic I was very impressed with how she listens to her patient, takes the time to understand our emotional history, medical history, recent life happenings and combines all of that with a science based approach to find out what exactly is happening inside your body. So many Doctors just tell you "eat healthy, get rest, exercise" but for some of us, our health issues are more complex than that. Her clinic is very modern, welcoming and a judgement free zone. She is a unique Doctor that truly cares about her patients and you'll experience this if you make an appointment in her clinic. This "Whole of body" approach has been key to my sustained weight loss program. I'm forever grateful and she has even been able to help me with back pain and other food allergy related ailments I had. It's been a productive journey being under Dr. Leila Doolittle's treatment and weight loss plan and the results speak for itself. If you're someone struggling to trust the information out there and want truly science based truths, results and healthcare, contact Dr. Leila Doolittle's clinic. She is in Dallas, Texas but offers digital consultations as well now in this virtual world. The before and after pictures are just a sample size of the results I've achieved. Thank you Dr. Leila Doolittle for being the best Doctor in Dallas and in my opinion one of the best in the world. Anyone struggling with headaches, weight gain, food allergies, low energy levels, hormone issues, arthritis, etc you need to call Dr. Leila Doolittle. You will not regret it. Thank you Dr. Leila Doolittle for changing my life! I am forever grateful! The before and after pictures here are impressive, but believe me.. the results are in even better than any image can portray. I have a NEW LIFE again!

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