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Traumatic Brain Injuries can be healed.

What should you do if you have had one? 


Traditionally, neurology tends to look at disease of the nervous system as black-and-white with one side being optimal neurologic function and the other being neurological disease such as tumors, strokes etc. Functional Neurology looks at dysfunction of the nervous system as different shades of gray looking for subtle changes in the nervous system before they become distinct pathologies.You will often hear it said by functional neurologist that neurons need fuel and activation in order to thrive and survive. Fuel can be defined as oxygen, glucose and essential nutrients. Activation refers to stimulation of the nervous system which causes changes in the structure and metabolism of the nerve cell. More recently, Functional Neurology Practitioners are also involved with eliminating possible negative effects on neurons such as toxins, infectious agents and immune responses.

Four factors that are of high importance in functional neurology care are:


1.  Determining where the failure in the nervous system and/or body lies.

2.  What would be the right stimulation to activate that area?

3.  What is the health and condition of the failing area, so as to determine how much stimulation would be too much.

4.  Adapting this vital information in order to apply that precise amount of stimulation to the patient in our office.

The following is a list of health conditions people have shown significant improvement with:

  • balance disorders

  • arm/shoulder pain

  • low back pain/sciatica

  • bulging/herniated discs

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • dizziness

  • dystonia

  • early Alzheimer’s symptoms

  • fibromyalgia

  • RLS (restless leg syndrome)

  • headaches

  • migraines

  • insomnia

  • hip/knee/feet pain

  • tremor disorders

  • MS symptoms

  • neck pain

  • numbness

  • spinal stenosis

  • low immunity

If you have been suffering with pain, headaches, dizziness, or others conditions and still need answers, this is the place for you to be. To request your new patient paperwork, call (870)577-9427 today. You can also click here to send us an email. Call today to see what functional neurology can do for you!

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