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Dr. Leila Doolittle

 Dr. Leila Doolittle is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a specialty in Functional Medicine & Integrative Neurology. She has a passion for helping her patients achieve optimal health and well-being through the root cause of all symptoms.


With over 10 years of experience in the field, Dr. Doolittle has developed a unique approach to healthcare that combines traditional healthcare with a holistic, functional approach. 

Dr. Leila Doolittle is the CEO and founder of Resonance Wellness, Inc, a holistic functional medicine and wellness clinic which has seen substantial growth over the years due to her dedication to providing high-quality, personalized care to each of her patients.


She is committed to helping her patients achieve their health goals through a combination of functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, and works closely with her patients to develop customized health and wellness plans that address their unique needs and concerns and guide them to a life filled with optimal health and wellness. 

dedication to providing high quality, personalized, root-cause care to each patient


Dr. Doolittle works to find the root cause of all symptoms. Her end goal is to restore optimal cellular function in every system of the anatomical and emotional body.


She also encourages the understanding and utilization of innate healing power. This is not only her career, but her absolute biggest passion in life.


What you receive when you choose Dr. Doolittle to be your holistic practitioner is much more than health advice.


You create an everlasting, lifelong connection with someone who cares about you as an individual, not just another patient.


Initially, she will get to know you personally and create an individualized health plan specific to you and your history.


From then on, your care is in the best of hands. Resonance Wellness, thanks to the creation of Dr. Doolittle, has your best interests at heart and will give you exactly what you need. She promotes a constant state of healing and full, vibrant life force through all that she does in practice and in her life.

she promotes a constant state of healing and radiating out a full, vibrant life force through all that she does in practice and in her life

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Dr. Leila Doolittle’s goal as a practitioner is to restore function in every bodily and energetic system. She hopes to optimize cellular function in order to help patients live their most vibrant life.


Along the restoration journey, she thoroughly teaches you about every aspect of what she does as well as how you can continue to keep your health restored. This will include explanations for all the science behind the magic, and reasoning for every recommendation, order, therapy, or referral.


Encouragement is very important to Dr. Doolittle, and very important to Resonance Wellness. Support throughout the process comes naturally - pun intended.


Healing is an adventure, and not an easy one. Dr. Doolittle and her team want to inspire every patient to look at their own adventure positively, with enthusiasm, rather than limiting beliefs that only discourage. The potential for a vibrant life is just on the horizon, and Dr. Doolittle is here to help you reach it.

the potential for a vibrant life is just on the horizon, she is here to help you reach it

Dr. Leila Doolittle wants everything she does, all that she eats, and every word she speaks to be as natural as possible.


Living the natural lifestyle is of the utmost importance, not only for her health, but to be a walking example of what her patients can attain through her guidance. 

In her own words, Dr. Doolittle explains: “Every day that we wake up, we have choices to make. We need not to make these choices out of fear for what could negatively impact one’s health, but make them out of love, empowerment and confidence in ourselves.


This is how we live vibrantly. This is how every single moment we can manifest and create the perfect life that we need and want through complete and total understanding.


From this, every lifestyle approach falls into place. No longer do we have to worry about being stuck in this health struggle with no way out.


What we choose to put on our plates, allow into our bodies, drink every day, and how we consciously think about our health can be reshaped through Functional Wellness.” 

"every day we wake up, we have choices to make... not out of fear that we could negatively impact our health, but we must make them out of love and confidence"

Standing with Veggies and Green Juice.jpg

To help you understand the story behind Dr. Doolittle and her practice on a deeper level, let’s begin with her origin story. Dr. Leila got into this field because at one point, she was there in the midst of chaos with her health, desperately searching for answers through the typical allopathic doctors, and never having any luck.


It is for this reason that she can relate and sympathize with every patient whom she works with. The inspiration to heal came when Functional Medicine brought her back.


Now, she is so appreciative to be living the life of her dreams, through the health of her dreams. No longer does she have limitations. This is what she aspires for every single one of her patients.


Overall Dr. Doolittle had a healthy childhood physically, living mostly toxin-free, because her mother was passionate about raising her family with a natural health approach. Her mother raised Dr. Leila and her siblings by using no medicine or allopathic doctors, only supplements, vitamins, herbs, and holistic remedies, and in turn teaching them about these natural methods of healing.

she is so appreciative to be living the life of her dreams, through the health of her dreams, with no limitations

This turned out to be the most wonderful health conscious upbringing they could have asked for. Dr. Leila’s health decline began when her family moved to an old farm house that had high amounts of toxic black mold in it. Symptoms arose and so did concerns.


Despite the healthy lifestyle the family continued to live, two years of living with mold was enough to majorly deteriorate the health that was built up from before. This initial contributing root cause that  was made much worse with stressful and traumatic situations with her family and home life that came soon after.

One blessing amongst this turmoil was that during these years, the family was able to live a sustainable lifestyle completely off of the land. Everything they consumed was grown in an organic garden on their beautiful farm deep in the Ozark mountains. This instilled a deep appreciation in Dr. Leila for the healing benefits and potential contained in every vibrant vegetable.

she was inspired to go into functional medicine to help other patients like her, desperate for solutions

Rinsing Radishes.jpg

At the age of 16, a traumatic brain injury from a car accident escalated Dr. Leila's health concerns to a level that impacted daily life. The trajectory for a young, vibrant, determined teenager just beginning pre-med was drawn off track and it was all she could do to study for school whilst migraines and post-concussion health concerns loomed overhead.

While in school, she met a Functional Neurologist specialist and Chiropractor and started working in his practice part-time. After 3 years of pain and dulled vibrance, where every doctor could not understand her case and tried to prescribe medication for her symptoms – which she constantly refused thanks to her holistic and natural stance on health – this Functional Neurologist brought her back, inspiring her to go into Functional Medicine and specialize in Neurology to help other patient like her, desperate for solutions.

Thus, Dr. Leila Doolittle’s career path was redirected from allopathic medical school into functional medicine and neurology. 

Fast forward 5 years; In learning functional wellness for her patients, Dr. Doolittle was able to fully restore and reclaim her own health.


She is so passionate because her journey was extremely difficult, and she simply needed someone, anyone to understand what she was going through and come up with the best solution for her health. This journey led Dr. Leila to the place she is today, and now she is able to help patients in their darkest hour.

this journey led her to the place she is today... she is able to help patients in their darkest hour

Dr. Doolittle’s education began with the attendance of Hendrix University for her pre-medical Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and minoring in Art. She shadowed and worked with 20+ doctors of various specialties throughout her years in pre-med courses. 

She became a certified EMT through the University of Arkansas Medical School and worked in emergency rooms and on ambulances to learn how to care for patients in emergency settings during the last year of her pre-med studies

Additionally, she co-founded a non-profit international organization called Doctors of Tomorrow. Dr. Doolittle also headed an Odyssey project of traveling through the Amazon rainforest of Peru alone to study the ancient healing arts of natural herbal medicine from five notorious medicine men and women.

She has attended 400+ hours of extracurricular seminars where she trained practitioners in the latest advancements in holistic nutritional and dietary studies. To add to this, she became certified in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to better understand how qi (or chi) energy plays a role in health. Functional chiropractic requires more to reach competent understanding. Dr. Doolittle attended chiropractic school at Parker University for several more years to complete her advanced education. 


she is a lifelong learner, knowing that by continuously studying and delving into the research, she can discover more effective ways of healing complex cases

The knowledge she needed to acquire to understand Functional Wellness on a deeper level to treat complex illness patients came through the extra diplomates, certifications, conferences, events, meetings, courses, and shadowing and mentoring with other highly-trained specialists.


In her spare time, she spent every waking minute delving into the research because she is passionate about learning and developing new ways of doing things.


She continues investing vast amounts of time and finances to the expansive wealth of knowledge that is ever-changing as we are continuously discovering and understanding more about the complexities of our health.


Not many people want to take the time to go through such experiences, and yet everything Dr. Leila does and the life she chooses to live every single day proves the commitment she has in her heart for her biggest passion in life.


the life she chooses to live every single day proves the commitment she has in her heart for her greatest passion in life - living a vibrant life filled with radiant health & wellness

Dr. Leila Doolittle’s goal as a practitioner is to restore function in every bodily and energetic system. She hopes to optimize cellular function in order to help patients live their most vibrant life.

Healing is a journey, often a lifelong commitment to choosing the healthiest choices daily to maintain optimal health.


The journey isn't always easy, but it can be fulfilling to courageously show up and take an active stance in reclaiming your health. 


The potential for a vibrant life is just on the horizon, and Dr. Doolittle is here to help you reach it. 


Dr. Leila Doolittle is so excited to help each and every patient on their journey, so with this understanding, she encourages you to reach out and take the first step toward a vibrant life with which you resonate.

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